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What’s New

  • Chinese Securitization
    Intex opened a Shanghai office in 2015 to support Chinese and other Asia-Pacific clients. Intexs library of Chinese RMBS, ABS and CMBS cashflow models is the most complete, accurate, and timely, and Intexs DealMaker structuring software supports Chinese deal types, featuring a Chinese language option. Request more information here.
  • Ever-Expanding Loan-Level Data
    Adding to the granular asset-level data that Intex has supported in its cashflow models for over 20 years, Intex now supports robust and timely loan-level data sets for Agency Credit Risk Transfer deals (e.g. Fannie Mae CTAS, Freddie Mac STACR), as well as for recently issued US ABS transactions (e.g. Auto Loan/Lease deals). Request more information here.
  • CLO Data Analysis
    Intexs CLO Data Analysis add-in to INTEXcalc provides the ability to graph historical performance trends over time for customized groupings of deals, leveraging the high-quality data that has existed in Intex US-CLO and EU-CLO cashflow models for nearly 20 years. Request more information here.
  • Consumer Deals
    Intexs library of cashflow models for US unsecured consumer loan deals and emerging US receivables deals (e.g. Device Payment Plans) continues to grow, with Intex building and maintaining a timely and accurate model for nearly every newly issued deal. Request more information here.
  • Intex / Wind Information Co Partnership
    Intex established a formal partnership with Shanghai-based Wind Information Co in 2017; Intexs libraries of Chinese RMBS, ABS, and CMBS cashflow models will soon be integrated within Winds Financial Terminal. Read the press release here. Request more information here.
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