There are currently no known issues with shipments.

Project based reshipments

Improvements and Enhancements to Intex Data

Intex continuously strives to improve and enhance data which then requires a reshipment of Intex files.
We try to balance getting this data out in a timely fashion with not burdening our clients download processes.

The additional number of files reshipped will vary since certain cdu files are quite large while others are small. We will try to minimize the overall increase.
These reshipments will not take place on big payment dates such as the 25th

If the download process running longer than usual is an issue for you, please consider scheduling Autodnld to launch every hour (or more frequently)
so that a download is initiated as soon as data has posted. If there is no new data to download, Autodnld simply closes.
This will help to ensure the process finishes as soon as possible.

Week of December 5, 2016
Reshipment completed

Intex has enhanced all deal models (.cdi) for HMBS models and will start reshipping the revised .cdi files

What is being changed:
    All HMBS models, approximately 6000 cdiís, will have a line of code added that will enhance how loans are clustered in weighted average mode.
Why is it being changed:
    Enhancements were made to the CMO Subroutines release version 3.4 in how Weighted Average collateral is created for Reverse Mortgages. While the release produces improved collateral flows, the HMBS participation portion results were mixed.
    With this CDI revision, code has been added to enhance clustering when creating Weighted Average collateral and therefore improve the HMBS cashflows.
Who is effected:
    Anyone that runs HMBS models or HECM re-remics in weighted average mode. There will be no change when running in All Pools mode.
We anticipate reshipping these revised .cdi files over the next several weeks.

Week of November 7, 2016
Reshipment completed

Intex has enhanced all CMBS updates to now include data in the following three fields:
    Deferred Maintenance Flag
    Credit Tenant Lease
    Ground Lease
We plan to ship the revised updates over the course of several days. You will notice an increase in the number of files shipped as well as the overall size of the shipments during this time.