Cashflow Analytics for Global Structured Finance


Intex Solutions, Inc. is the world's leading provider of structured fixed-income cashflow models and related analytical software. Our clients include the world's best known financial institutions including most major investment banks, regional broker dealers, issuers and investment managers. Intex was founded in 1985, and remains an independent, privately-held company with headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts. Intex also supports its extensive international client base with staff and representatives in London, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Intex provides the industry's most complete library of RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CLO, CDO and CLN deal models, created and maintained for accurate cashflow projections and price/yield analytics. Intex supports deals issued in North America, Europe, China, Australia, Japan and other regions of the globe. Since 1990, Intex has modeled nearly every public deal and numerous privately issued deals, and creates ongoing updates for each deal each month or quarter using investor reports and, when available, loan- or asset-level information obtained directly from trustees, servicers and issuers. Intex's products help foster new deal issuance, increase the liquidity of the secondary marketplace, and improve deal surveillance and transparency.

Intex's software solutions include INTEXcalc™, an end-user application offering unprecedented transparency, ease of use, and speed, the INTEX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), namely the INTEX C Subroutines™ for developers seeking to build proprietary applications in C/C++ and the INTEX Wrapper™ API for developers seeking to build proprietary applications written in higher level programming languages such as VB, VBA, .NET and C#, and INTEX DealMaker™ for investment banks and others who need to structure new deals. All Intex software applications have at their core the ability to calculate future principal and interest cashflows based on user-specified stress scenarios applied to interest, prepayment, default, recovery and delinquency rates as well as other more deal-specific assumptions. Intex's cashflow projection tools have also been integrated into many specialized third-party applications targeted to specific vertical markets and industry segments.

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