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Intex has been a successful, independent financial software products company for over 20 years. Key milestones in our history are described below:

1985 Intex founded and established as a developer of spreadsheet add-in products for Lotus 1-2-3 and later Microsoft Excel.
1987 Intex launches a novel bond calculator, both as a spreadsheet add-in and as a C-callable subroutine library.
1988 Intex introduces the first MBS calculator, again as both a spreadsheet add-in and as a C-callable subroutine library.
1990 Intex develops its proprietary "CDI" deal modeling language and the Intex C-callable Subroutines for PC and Unix platforms, along with the initial release of the Intex Agency MBS-backed CMO/REMIC deal model library. Gains recognition as the first independent software company to accurately model complex Re-REMIC deals.
1992 Intex expands its deal model universe to include non-Agency, RMBS backed by non-conforming jumbo prime and Alt-A residential mortgages. Makes significant improvements to the Intex deal modeling language and C-callable Subroutines in order to properly handle loss/severity stress scenarios characteristic of such collateral.
1994 Intex forges its first relationship with a third-party application provider. Today, clients can access and use Intex's deal model libraries within over three dozen specialized, third-party software products for applications ranging from trading and portfolio management to risk and asset/liability management.
1995 The Intex deal model library expands to include non-Agency RMBS backed by home equity, HELOC and subprime residential mortgages as well as verious types of ABS deals, including Manufactured Housing, Credit Card, Automobile, Equipment Lease and other ABS sectors. Overall deal coverage surpasses 5,000 deals.
1996 Initial introduction of the Intex CMBS deal model library.
1997 Intex introduces INTEXdesktop™, a Windows-based end-user application, for use with the Intex deal model libraries through a point-and-click interface.
1998 Intex launches INTEXnet™, a web-browser alternative to INTEXdesktop that could be accessed from any location without the need for client-resident software or data downloads.
2000 Intex models its 10,000th deal.
2000 Initial release of Intex DealMaker™, a Windows structuring application that has become an industry standard for structuring Agency CMOs, RMBS, ABS, CMBS, and CLO deals.
2001 Introduction of the Intex CLO and CDO deal model libraries. Intex becomes the first and only company to offer robust, accurate support for CDOs backed by structured assets, leveraging the now very complete Intex RMBS, ABS and CMBS deal model libraries.
2003 Intex models its first European deal. Today, Intex European RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CLO and CDO deal model libraries are used by major arranging banks and investors throughout Europe and around the world.
2004 Intex models its 15,000th deal. Intex begins to expand its support for deals issued in other regions of the world, including Japan and other parts of Asia.
2006 Intex European office opened in London. Intex models its 1,000th European deal, each one capable of generating cashflow projections under user-specified prepayment and loss scenarios.
2007 Intex introduces a Student Loan ABS deal model library.
2008 Intex introduces an Agency HECM Reverse Mortgage deal model library.
2008 Intex's deal model libraries continues to expand with over 20,000 deals, including a complete collection of European deals, each modeled for accurate cashflow and price/yield analysis under user-defined prepayment and loss scenarios.
2010 Inaugural version of INTEXcalc™, with support for single-security and "multiple positions price/yield" functionality for pre-price and active US RMBS and US Home Equity transactions.
2010 Intex announces INTEXreds™.
2011 INTEXcalc™ debuted support for the global RMBS, ABS, CMBS and CLO asset sectors, as well as portfolio functionality.
2015 Intex Chinese office opened in Shanghai.
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