While Intex's own software applications offer many powerful and advanced capabilities for single security and portfolio analysis, many clients also want to take advantage of Intex's capabilities within a more specialized third-party application designed for a specific function or market segment. For this reason, Intex has teamed up with a wide variety of leading software providers offering turnkey systems or more specialized solutions for applications such as trade capture/order entry, portfolio management, risk management, asset/liability management, and more.

The following vendors have integrated Intex structured fixed income data and analytical functionality directly into their respective systems and services:

In addition, Intex offers clients ready access to various third party data and models in order to enhance Intex's own applications. These third party offerings include industry-standard prepayment models, credit models, and more. A partial list of partners supplying Intex with data and models include:

Intex clients seeking systems integration assistance involving Intex products may wish to contact the following consulting organizations:

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