What's New

  • Next-Generation Version of the INTEXlink Excel Add-In
    Licensable by registered users of INTEXcalc, INTEXlink is an Excel add-in developed by Intex that quickly pulls current and historical deal, bond, and collateral performance data from any deal modeled by Intex through the Web directly into Excel. The recently-released next-generation version includes expanded data coverage and major performance enhancements, where initial testing suggests speed-ups of at least 10x compared to all prior versions. To request more information about INTEXlink and how to obtain access, please click here.
  • Expanded Support for New Lease Forecasting Paradigm Among Aircraft ABS
    Intex continues to expand support for enhanced and streamlined lease asset modeling and forecasting among a growing portion of our new-issue and secondary market Aircraft ABS cashflow models. Existing customers can click here to learn more; others can click here to request more information.
  • New Integration of Morningstar CMBS Offerings within INTEXcalc
    Research, performance commentary, and asset forecasts from Morningstar have been seamlessly integrated with Intex’s CMBS deal models inside INTEXcalc. Mutual customers benefit from full transparency when using, adjusting, and overriding assumptions within INTEXcalc’s Scenarios report. For more information, contact ratingagency@morningstar.com.
  • Expanded Integration of KBRA CMBS Offerings within INTEXcalc
    Forecasts from KBRA have been seamlessly integrated with Intex’s CMBS deal models inside INTEXcalc. Mutual customers can now benefit from loan-level analysis, inclusive of property valuations, forecast assumptions, and loss timing/projections from KBRA, in addition to the previously-integrated Credit Profile and Loans-of-Concern (K-LOC) research offerings from KBRA. For more information, contact Marc Iadonisi at miadonisi@kbra.com.
  • Intex Cashflow Engine API Hosted on Beacon
    Mutual customers of Intex and Beacon can now use the Intex Wrapper API within Beacon's end-to-end analytics platform, built on an integrated cloud infrastructure service. For more information, contact Mark Higgins at mark.higgins@beacon.io.
  • CoStar’s New CMBS Advantage Platform Powered by Intex
    CoStar’s property, market and credit analytics have been mapped exclusively to the Intex CMBS universe, allowing users to monitor 100K+ CMBS properties along with 500K+ peer properties and sales comps in real-time within CoStar’s new CMBS Advantage platform, which features pre-configured interactive dashboards that adjust on-the-fly across 500 fields. The robust combined data set can also be used within Intex software and internal systems. CoStar’s CMBS forecast model products, CompassFLEX and Vectors, continue to be available as integrated inside INTEXcalc. For more information, contact John Vecchione at jvecchione@costargroup.com.
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