Cashflow Analytics for Global Structured Finance


Intex provides a variety of advanced software applications and tools for monitoring, analyzing and structuring a wide range of structured fixed-income securities from many global markets. Intex's products can be arranged into the following broad categories:

By Asset Sector

Intex supports four global asset sectors: RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CLO as well as CDO and CLN. Within each sector are certain sub-sectors, for example the RMBS sector includes agency- and whole loan-backed CMO/REMICs, the ABS sector includes home equity, manufactured housing, credit card, automobile, equipment, student loan and other related sectors, and the CDO sector includes cash and synthetic CLOs, asset-backed CDOs, CDOs-squared, CRE CDOs, trust-preferred CDOs and other types. Intex has modeled nearly every public deal and numerous privately issued deals in these four sectors, far and away the most comprehensive deal library of its kind in existence today. Learn more >>

By Type of Software

Intex's end-user application, INTEXcalc™, offers unprecedented transparency, ease of use, and speed for single-security and portfolio analysis. INTEXcalc™ enables clients to generate accurate cashflow projections for Intex-modeled deals under user-defined interest rate, prepayment, and default/recovery stress scenarios. Intex also offers the INTEX C Subroutines™ and the INTEX Wrapper™ API for programmers who desire to build a customized or automated application, INTEX DealMaker™ for structuring new deals, and INTEXlink™ for conveniently downloading data into an Excel spreadsheet. Learn more >>

By Global Region

While Intex's roots are in the U.S. and our coverage of U.S. issued deals in the supported asset sectors is close to 100%, Intex also offers substantial coverage of RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CLO, CDO and CLN deals issued in other regions of the world including Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Australia. Intex continues to expand its coverage to include deals issued elsewhere around the globe including other parts of Asia and Latin America, and we have extended our support hours and office locations in order to better serve our international clients. Learn more >>

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