Cashflow Analytics for Global Structured Finance


Whether you are an end-user or an application developer, need a general purpose or very specific application, or work from the office or on the road, Intex has a software application that's right for you.


INTEXcalc™ is an end-user application offering unprecedented transparency, ease of use, and speed in the analysis of structured financial securities, seamlessly integrated with the INTEX deal model libraries. Written in Java, INTEXcalc™ has a single look-and-feel in both of its modes: INTEXcalc™-Local will run Intex deal models stored on your PC/network, while INTEXcalc™-Web will run deal models stored on Intex servers. INTEXcalc™ supports single-security, bid list and portfolio functionality for new-issue and seasoned deals within the global RMBS, CMBS, ABS, CLO, CDO and CLN sectors. With INTEXcalc™ you can:

  • Quickly analyze lists of bonds and load multiple deals simultaneously.
  • Rapidly run scenario analysis with control of interest rates, prepayments, defaults, delinquencies, loan modifications, triggers, deal specific variables, etc.
  • Easily create custom assumption curves, and group collateral into user-defined asset groups for the purpose of building complex forecasting models.
  • Compare historical performance trends across a spectrum of relevant aggregations and user-defined queries.
  • Generate, review, and export asset and liability cashflows, as well as a full suite of analytics, such as P/Y, Waterfall, Horizon Return, Solver, etc.

The INTEX C Subroutines™ and the INTEX Wrapper™ APIs

The INTEX C Subroutines™ and the INTEX Wrapper™ offer two alternative ways of accessing Intex's industry-standard structured securities cashflow engine in a programmatic fashion. These programming libraries are used by over 100 major financial institutions and third-party software providers for the purpose of building proprietary trading, portfolio management, risk management, and other fixed-income systems.

Both offerings:
  • Produce cashflows, analytics, and terms and conditions on the entire library of Intex-modeled deals.
  • Support all deal structures and tranche types within a single API (Application Programming Interface.)
  • Are available as PC, Unix, and Linux libraries, and DLLs for Windows platforms.
  • Are useful for both interactive and batch applications.
Specific to the INTEX C Subroutines:
  • The library represents C-callable subroutines that integrate seamlessly into existing C-based applications.
  • Can be used with any prepayment/credit model and/or interest rate process.
Specific to the INTEX Wrapper:
  • Most commonly used in conjunction with Visual Basic, VBA in Excel, .NET, C#, Java or PERL. May also be used with C.
  • Integrated with popular third-party prepay/default models.
  • Contains various built-in business logic useful for application development.

INTEX DealMaker™

INTEX DealMaker is a highly specialized and powerful Windows application created especially for those who need to structure new deals in the primary market. DealMaker is designed for and used by structuring departments within major investment banks, issuers, monoline insurers, ratings agencies and other institutions involved in the deal structuring process. DealMaker provides a robust and commercially supported "point-and-click" interface that enables users to specify or import collateral, create the cashflow waterfall and priority of payments, and generate reports under rigorous prepayment and default stress scenarios. And, since DealMaker generates a standard Intex "CDI" file as output, users can provide their investor clients with "pre-price" deal model files, thereby enabling their investor clients to conduct their own analysis using the Intex software of their choice at an early stage prior to deal pricing.

Intex currently supports DealMaker for most asset sectors, including US, European and Japanese RMBS, US Home Equity ABS, US Autos, US and European CMBS and US and European CDOs.


INTEXlink™ is an Excel™ add-in developed by Intex to easily pull deal, bond, and asset pool performance data from any of the deals modeled by Intex directly into spreadsheets. The INTEXlink™ add-in is easy to install and use, giving you the power to:

  • Create customized spreadsheets to view deal specific information.
  • Set up portfolio monitoring spreadsheets where users define the content and format.
  • Instantly insert the latest data from Intex-supported database servers through the Web into your customized reports.
INTEXlink™ is available as an add-on to your INTEXcalc™ subscription.

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