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Portable TROLL is an integrated software system for econometric modelling and statistical analysis.  TROLL is the primary econometric modelling and analysis tool at many of the world's leading central banks, national and international governmental agencies, commercial institutions and research universities.  TROLL is developed, marketed and supported exclusively by Intex Solutions, Inc., a company headquartered in Massachusetts (USA), with the assistance of authorized distributors in other countries.

TROLL is designed for both model builders and model users.  It includes a database engine for the efficient storage and retrieval of data, powerful analytical tools for the manipulation, estimation and simulation of systems of equations, and a macro programming language and external interfaces for the automation of complex tasks.  As an integrated system, output from one stage becomes input to the next stage.

Users access TROLL through a flexible interactive command interface;  a graphical user interface (GUI) shell is available for

Windows users. TROLL is written in a highly portable "C" code.  This means that TROLL is able to run on many different platforms.  What's more, models and programs that are developed on one platform will run unmodified on any other.  TROLL is currently available for PCs running Windows (98, NT, 2000, Me, or XP) and Linux, and for UNIX-based workstations from SUN, HP and IBM. 

TROLL employs a powerful algebraic modelling language that gives users unsurpassed flexibility and control.  Users may employ numerous data types (numeric, character string, date and boolean), data shapes (scalar, timeseries, multidimensional array and timeseries of arrays) and operators (arithmetic, logical, leads and lags, del, sum, product, if-then-else, subscripts for arrays, and string concatenation).

TROLL offers a wide array of ready-to-use analytical modules, including interactive calculations with over 175 functions, Census X11 seasonal adjustments, and advanced and

 efficient estimation and simulation tasks for both linear and nonlinear equations.  Capabilities range from simple OLS, GLS and 2SLS methods to nonlinear system estimation techniques such as FIML and leading-edge forward-looking "rational expectations" simulation algorithms. 

Underlying the TROLL system is a powerful symbolic differentiator for exceptionally fast and robust performance on nonlinear problems.  TROLL's performance, combined with its ability to process models or equations of unlimited size, makes TROLL especially well-suited for solving large and complex models. 

Finally, TROLL is a highly extensible program.  Users may employ TROLL's powerful programming language to customize and automate the analysis process.  Advanced sites may also link TROLL to their own external "C" code to add new calculation functions or utilize TROLL's transparent database interface to connect with any data source. 

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